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Window Cleaning Tips for Summer

window and gutter cleaning for anderson, greenville, spartanburg, greer, hendersonvilleSummer is finally here and people are getting in the mood for cleaning and brightening up their home. One of the best ways to brighten up your home is to have clean windows. However, to get a quality window cleaning you want to bring in a professional window cleaner who has the right tools and experience to get your glass absolutely spotless. For those of you who are DIYers (Do-It-Yourselfers) there are a few tips you can use that will help you do a decent job if you want to try it for yourself.

Clean air will help keep your windows clean

Low air quality can keep your windows a little grimy. So check the air filters in your home's HVAC system before you start cleaning your windows. Also make sure that there is nothing blowing dust into the air which will undo most of your hard work.

Pay attention to the weather

Although nice sunny days may seem like a great time to clean your windows, it’s actually not. Hot, bright sunlight will dry your glass too quickly which can leave streaks across the window glass. It's recommended that you wait for a day that’s just a little overcast, or wait until a time of day when the windows are in shade.

Clean the windows from the top moving down

In order to get the best results, clean and dry a one-inch wide strip at the very top of your windows, then work downwards. Also when you're cleaning the window always make sure that you use a different pattern of stokes on the outside and inside of the window. This way if you do get any streaks on your windows you’ll know which side of the window it’s on.

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