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Do You Clean Your Windows?

window cleaning and gutter cleaning for anderson, greenville, spartanburg, greer, scHow often do you wash your windows? Once a year? Twice a year? Never? You know it's not enough. You're probably sitting at your desk, looking out the window, trying to see if it's a beautiful day or not, and there's grime. Your view of the world is covered in grime. What is that black stuff, anyway?

Clean windows are obviously an important part of home maintenance, but no one likes to do it. Just like the old saying, "I don't do windows." Perhaps you wash them a couple of times a year, maybe each spring and fall when the storm windows and screens are being swapped, but it's not enough. Windows should be washed once every month or two, depending on the surroundings. If you're in a forest, or in a city, consider washing your windows at least once a month. If your house is in a place where dirt and pollen don't always stick, consider cleaning windows every two months or so.

Window Cleaning Services
There are plenty of services that can come monthly, bimonthly, or at designated times throughout the year. This kind of scheduling is convenient, of course, allowing you to forget completely about this chore. As you decide how often your windows should be cleaned, perhaps have your window cleaning service come every two months to start, or come four times a year. If you find that your windows are not clean enough, step it up. Once that timeline is set, and you have a window cleaning service you like and trust, you will never have to think about it again.

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